A true test of faith…

Each individual story is based on personal life experiences, such as the trials and–tribulations we all have to endure, no matter where we are, and shedding some light on why we ‘suffer’ without a so-called cause. From the inception of our journey which started after ‘spiritual rebirth’ for the umpteenth time, we were to learn to depend on God in EVERYTHING!

What exactly inspired me to take on such a project, besides STRUGGLE? I always wanted to be a professional novelist but then I grew up, met the world and lost Hope for a while.

For as long as I can remember I felt pressured into finding rhyme and reason in a world that had gone completely mad. Circumstance inspired the search while our church pulpit drapery reminded me that GOD IS LOVE no matter what, and I kept returning to this seemingly simple statement!

Many a day, feeling unfulfilled and useless, I would often jest about my missed calling when saying, “I should write a book; my very own life story; it will be a bestseller for sure!” Little did I know that uttering these exact words more than once would set the stage for the fulfillment of a lifelong dream I had thought would never come true for someone like me. For me the art of writing while inspiring others had been that impossible dream, so far out of reach that the forbidden cookies on top of the kitchen cupboard seemed the easier choice. Sadly, the chair gave way and bruised a very large ego as I came crashing down right into Mother Earth’s embrace. Shortly after, I woke from an unconscious state and discovered I AM!

At first my life was uninteresting and dull and I didn’t think it would make good reading material, unless you’d want to be lulled to a dazed haze. It was definitely not a subject attracting award winning status because I had not experienced a life-altering tragedy like a near-death experience or conquered any life-threatening diseases; I certainly didn’t win the lotto, and decide to share it with a complete stranger.

No, God only showed me His secret recipe; He pointed out which 11 herbs and spices to add to this dull, tasteless and bone dry life and instructed me on the cooking method used to create a bi-polar life as scrumptiously popular as Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken instead, and then told me to tell my story.