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448 Pages


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Carol Erasmus

Published by:

Reach Publishers


May 2009




All Proceeds are Dedicated to RAW - Rehoboth Abraham's Well


Rehoboth...from Conception to Birth

It was at the dawning of a new millennium as we took our customary Sunday drive through Kempton Park's CBD and suburbs, when we discovered a place well known for its healing abandoned, empty and deteriorating!

Growing up in this town that had since been declared a city in its own right, I got acquainted with the Kempton Park Hospital at a very young age. It was now vacant and dilapidated through the erosion of time and human neglect. Falling apart at the seams so to speak, this is where our journey began as our spiritual lives had been as damaged and weather-beaten by the influences of the time we were living in- spiritually destitute and as poor as this once imposing structure.

Parked on the side of the street, opposite the main entrance we admired this three story building, the grounds and all its infinite possibilities should one be able to buy such a place. I reminisced and remembered ...almost every visit back in the day....

This enigmatic edifice now stood locked up, and fenced in by a rusted old chain link fence. Its lush gardens and lawn diminished to dirt and dust- 'what a waste'! I thought, and then the spiritual enlightenment swept me out of this world.

'An orphanage', I thought- we could turn it into an orphanage the idea repeated! We named it Rehoboth and Rehoboth means 'room' because God had made 'room' for all the orphans left abandoned and destitute. But the question was how? We had to battle through many sticky strips of red tape. Starting our enquiring at the department of Public Works that had produced a nil reward and child protective services finally burst our bubble of expectation. It was only when our application to register this NPO had mysteriously disappeared after having it delivered by hand a second time that I understood the final message.

It was never to be a physical orphanage but a spiritual one and nor would it be a Non Profit Organization. It would be a profitable business venture dedicating ALL proceeds from these projects to those in need by its members. We wanted what we couldn't have at the time while in need of similar care- HEALING and RESTORATION first and foremost.

This hospital had merely been a symbol of healing and care that are not only thinly spread among our fellow man these days, but also symbolize the desperate need to be healed and cared for instead of the verbal condemnation we sow upon one another daily. This building stood as condemned.

Rehoboth will be providing a shoulder to cry on. It will offer to share an emotional trauma or just a helping hand. Whatever the need, Rehoboth would provide it because it is a well of unfailing provision bubbling with healing power through the touch of the Holy Spirit!

It was He who had led us from destitution and want to waters of rest and unfailing provision for our every need and it was given free of any charge. Free we have received, and free we shall give as we will still be guided by the enigma of a Power Unseen that manifests in the form of miracles to be received by those He had chosen and called to service!

And he moved away from there and dug another well, and for that one they did not quarrel. He named it Rehoboth [room], saying, For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.
[Genesis 26:22]

And so did we ...Heaven and earth overlapped and then we discovered Reboboth-Abraham's Well or RAW because what you see is what you get- faith in action- An orphanage for the Spiritually Destitute!

The RAW Aim... is to especially promote the importance of spiritual wealth among our youth while generating funding for sponsorships. Fact remains and is often refuted, that if one is to be successful in life or financially free, one would need its spiritual equal first and foremost! Heaven and Earth must overlap because the spirit and flesh works as one unit- the one cannot exist without the other therefore that the physical and the spiritual always need to compliment each other and this is true balance!

I may be a dreamer but God ultimately is the Dream Giver! Especially focusing on making dreams come true, RAW will award scholarship programs to selected applicants at our Annual Glass Slipper Black and White Ball. Read more about this on the RAW Projects Page

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